RESCHEDULED:        Friday, March 30 at 11:45 am
Presented by Joan Mekrut, President of the Board of Directors, who holds a Masters Degree in Education of Theology. Joan will encourage discussion from posing ideas from C.S. Lewis "Theological Thoughts".

Friday, April 20 at 11:45 am

"The Importance of Music in Our Lives"

Music can provoke a memory,can make a memory. All our senses awaken when we hear a particular tune. John Lord will bring this topic into a lively discussion among fellow members . John is our maestro of the Hamiltones and has brought his passion for music to Hamilton House since joining in 2013.

The suggestion for this program was brought up at our November Community Meeting.  The idea is to hold informal luncheon discussions based on a theme presented by a facilitator - or perhaps a better term would be “host”.  This individual will offer a topic or question and then invite the reflection from the group.  We will limit the number of attendees to 25, so please sign up as soon as possible if the topic is of interest to you.  There will be a basic fee of $8.00 that covers the cost of lunch including soup, sandwiches, and freshly baked cookies.  We hope this will be yet another fun, interesting, relaxing, way to share a meal among friends and maybe learn something too.

If you would like to present a topic or questions for this program, please see Jessica or Stephanie.


Aging?  Participate in an Innovative Way to Make a Difference

Discussion Continues...........

Thursday, April 26 at 2 PM

A new discussion group will begin this spring to share ideas about the unmet needs of aging--needs in products, services, and information (how about those packages that can't be opened?). Our discussion continues about this Longevity Explores' group. Our group--our circle-- will connect with an online community and other circles of Longevity Explores TM, an initiative of Tech-enhanced Life. As described on the techenhancedlife.com website, Longevity Explores are "older adults, and their friends of all ages, who want to make a difference. We meet in face-to-face groups to explore new products and services at the intersection of aging and technology, and to explore unmet needs and challenges of growing older. We share what we learn online with the larger Tech-enhanced Life community." The five active groups, which have been meeting monthly for two or more years, are in California. According to the founder of the Longevity Explores and the website, Richard Caro, adding our circle--and perspectives-- to their work would be welcomed. We plan to collaborate with The Providence Village in forming our group. Interested? Learn more about the work of the Longevity Explores now on the techenhancedlife.com website, and look for more information about the March event and this challenging and exciting partnership in your Hamilton House emails.

Diane Strommer will present this discussion group.

Please register: 831-1800 or email: hamiltonhouse276@gmail.com

Eleanor Roosevelt - A Leading Woman in America

Monday, April 30 at 1 pm

She was a woman of substantial achievements in many areas. We will learn about her teachings, her contributions in the political world, her assistance to her husband, FDR, in his presidency, and how she helped humanity in so many situations. Indeed, she was a friend to the world. 

Fellow members, Helen Kagan, lived in Europe for almost three years, where her husband was an auditor for the Navy Department. Helen holds a Bachelor's Degree in History from URI and is a member of the History Honor Society. Helen loves to share her passion and interest in history. She is a member of the Harvard Institute of Learning, where she gave presentations on European history.

Please register: 831-1800

Film Classics of the Early 20th Century

5 Weeks (March 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25)  Wednesdays, 12-2 pm

​Some extraordinary movies were made before the advent of the "talkies" in 1927, but they are rarely seen today. This 5 week course offers an opportunity to see some of the best movies from this period and to develop an appreciation of the early years of cinema history.  Films to be viewed will include such examples as: The Great Train Robbery (1903), The Keystone Kops (1915), Easy Street (1917), Sherlock, Jr. (1924), The Marriage Circle (1924), The Black Pirate (1926) and The Docks of New York (1928). 

​Instructor: Jerry DeSchepper, a retired professor of Film/Media at the University of Rhode Island, has previously taught several film courses at Hamilton House. 

Lunch will be available at $8.00 per person - Seating is limited

Register now:  Call 831-1800 or email: hamiltonhouse276@gmail.com

The History of Immigration in the United States: How We Got Here

Tuesdays at 10 am, March 27, April 3, 10, 17

In this course we will explore our country's immigration history in order to better understand our current immigration crisis. We will discuss 17th and 18th century territorial expansion, 20th century gunboat diplomacy, NAFTA (American Free Trade Agreement), DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals), current Boarder Patrol policies and enforcement, media-portrayals of immigrants and the New Sanctuary Movement. We'll also learn about the experiences of people trying to cross the Mexican border and contemplate how our health and wealth are fundamentally connected to the physical and financial well-being of undocumented immigrants.

This January Lisa Garcea Sampson spent a week in Arizona and Mexico studying immigration with a group of colleagues from Boston University's School of Theology. ​Please register: 831-1800


Please register by calling (401) 831-1800 or email hamiltonhouse276@gmail.com 

Chopsticks Monday - March 26

 Reserve by Wednesday, March 21

Chef Mary's Chinese Menu includes: Chinese Sticky Ginger Shrimp, Vegetable Lo Mein, Mongolian Meatball Ramen, Sweet & Sour Chicken with Pineapple and Peppers, and Coconut Bars

Each entrèe item is $4.00 (dessert included)

Please make your lunch reservation, 831-1800

​(Only lunch offering for this day)


Conversation With The Artist - Jana Marusz

Thursday, April 12 at 2 pm

Our guest Artist, Jana Marusz from Arlington, MA, studied painting at Harvard University, Oxford, Krakow's Academy of Fine Art and Mass College of Art. Jana works exclusively from direct observation, never from photographs. Once an avid painter of trucks and construction equipment, she now finds inspiration in nature and landscape, especially the strong, powerful rocks of Maine and Cape Ann. Jana travels frequently to spend concentrated periods of time on her painting, in New England and as far as Bermuda and the Czech Republic. Jana is represented by the Argosy Gallery in Bar Harbor, Maine, the Powers Gallery in Action, Massachusetts, and the ArtProv Gallery in Providence, RI.

Join Jana with her powerpoint presentation and conversation about her work.

Special Events & Lectures 

"Introduction to the Dances of Classical Music"

Monday, April 16 at 11 am

​If you've ever wondered how to tell the difference between a Bourree, a Gavotte and a Minuet, then this is for you! Different forms of music will be presented and then a "quiz" will be given to see if you can identify them. And if you have wondered about those things, this should be fun!

Wendy Klein teaches at Rhode Island Philharmonic Music School and Berklee School of Music. She is a composer and flutist. Wendy has also played and lectured here at Hamilton House. Register Now: 831-1800

Film & Feast

Tuesday, April 24 or Friday April 27 - at 11 am

The FILM: Like Water for Chocolate

"Like Water for Chocolate" creates its own intense world of passion and romance, and adds a little comedy and a lot of quail, garlic, honey, mole, cilantro, rose petals and corn meal. It takes place in a Mexican border town, circa 1910, where a young couple named Tita and Pedro are deeply in love. But they are never to marry. Mama Elena, Tita's fearsome mother, forbids it. She sees the duty of her youngest daughter to stay always at home and take care of her. Tita is heartbroken - especially when Pedro marries Rosaura, her oldest sister. 

The film is based on a novel by Laura Esquivel. Like " Bye Bye Brazil" and parts of "EL Norte," it continues the tradition of magical realism that is central to modern Latin films and literature. It begins with the assumption that magic can change the fabric of the real world, if it is transmitted through the emotions of people in love. 


Tuesday: Chicken Enchilada Dip/Tortilla Chips/Salsa

​Cheesy Beef Empanadas 


Friday: Chicken Enchilada Dip/Tortilla Chips/Salsa

Mexican Beef & Rice Skillet

Mexican Chocolate Cake with Caramel Sauce

$12 per person; Registration confirmed with payment. Call 831-1800

National Pretzel Day

Thursday, April 26

Assorted pretzels and dips served with lunch.

See e-bulletin for more information and prices

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"Garden Party"                                                                                                       Thursday, June 7th 4-6 PM

Come celebrate the renovation of our front garden! There will be music and light fare sponsored by Wingate. We will be selling "memory bricks" for the garden at the event. Rain date : June 14th

BBQ at Colt State Park                                                                                       Tuesday, June 19th 12-3 PM

Join us for our 2nd Annual Summer Celebration BBQ at the large shelter at Colt State Park in Bristol, RI. Sandra and friends will be working the BBQ. Details to follow...

"50's Sock Hop"                                                                                        Friday, September 21st 6-8:30 PM

Our annual fall fundraiser with 50's food, music, dancing and prizes. Look for more information in our

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