​​​​Hamilton House​   


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"I am so grateful just to be here with other people my age who also enjoy painting.  Hamilton House gives me the best two hours of my week, free of stress.  It lifts my soul."

"I could sit in front of the TV feeling depressed and no good for nothing or go to Hamilton House to receive love, acceptance and the necessary stimulus, to awaken my interest and develop my talents."

"The real value of Hamilton House classes is the enjoyably exciting, very important exercise of our minds."

"Some of the activities are very much in my line, especially those of an academic nature.  (I was once a college teacher)  The sociability is also a strong attraction:  meeting with others of similar background and interests helps to fend off the great and constant threat of loneliness.  Everyone is friendly and affable."

"I have traveled and lived in a great many places over my long lifetime, so that I have lost almost all sense of home.  Hamilton House offers the assurance that here I can feel I belong, where I am known and welcomed every time I appear.  There is an old saying, 'A house is not a home.'  But Hamilton House comes as close as any place I hope to see on this earth to extending the feeling of home to me."