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Masters in Literature

Mondays at 1pm

January - Russian Masters: A class on the Stories of Pushkin,Chekov, and Turgenev

     Dates are the following: January 8, January 22 and February 5

February- American Poets: A class on the poems of Emily Dickenson, Robert Frost and other contemporary poets.      

Dates are the following: February12, February 26, and March 5

Jim Bower, retired teacher, principal will once again invite others to a part of his discussion of the Masters in Literature                                                    
Must pre-register: 831-1800

Literature Classes

Jorge Luis Borges – Short Stories

Wednesdays at 10am – Five Week Session, starting January 10

The Argentine writer, Jorge Luis Borges, is often compared to writers such as Franz Kafka and James Joyce in regards to both his mastery over the art of storytelling and his innovations of language. Many have cited Borges as the most important Spanish language writer since Cervantes. A writer of poetry, short stories, and essays, Borges is touted as one of the inventors of the “philosophical short story.” His writing, often dealing with issues of existentialism and mysticism, can be viewed as a precursor to Magical Realism and a major influence over the Latin American writers that followed, including Gabriel García Márquez. In this course we will be conducting an in-depth reading of a selection of Borges’ short stories.

Please Register: 831-1800     Syllabus and Books, "Ficciones" ($13) are available in office. Call to reserve.

This course is supported by the State Legislative Grant

Please register by calling (401) 831-1800 or email hamiltonhouse276@gmail.com