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Literature Classes

Southern Literature Class

Six week course, Thursdays at 1:15, starting November 9

Faulkner, a white southern male writer, who both wrote during the same time period. We will look at how each portrays the south, the similarities and differences in their portrayal, and possible connections in each of their stories. We also think how their different backgrounds shape the portrayals. The class will think about southern literature as a whole and how these two writers both contributed to the history of southern literature, as well as inspired future southern writers. The class will focus on examining Zora Neale Hurston, a black southern female writer, alongside William Faulkner.

Sweat by Zora Neale Hurston (short story)
That Evening Sun Go Down by Wiliam Faulkner (short story)
Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston (novel)
As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner (novel)
Copies available in office : $5.00 per person

Sophia is a senior at Brown University pursuing an honors degree in English Nonfiction. She has been teaching writing for two years and has a deep passion for literature. Her hope is to one day create a storytelling program focused on helping victims of trauma heal. She is originally from the Georgia mountains and loves all forms of tea! 

Irish Masters Class

Three week course, Mondays at 1pm, starting December 4

The selection of authors are: James Joyce, “ Ivy Day in the Committee Room”  (Xerox copy) William O’Faolain, “The Heat of the Sun”, can be found in your local library and William Trevor – (To be determined). Class will be led by James Bower, who began teaching right after he graduated from Brown University. Along the way he has taught in high schools, at the American School of Lima and finally as principal and English teachers at the San Miguel School here in Providence.

 Class size is limited to 18 persons.

Please register by calling (401) 831-1800 or email hamiltonhouse276@gmail.com 

Jewish Masters Class

Three week course, Mondays at 1pm, starting November 6

The three choices being discussed are: Issac Beshevis Singer’s “The Spinoza of Market Street.” ( Xerox copy will be available) The second story is Saul Bellow’s “Looking for Mr. Green.” You can find this is the library or on line. It’s included in the book “Seize the Day.” (short novella) The last is “Defender of the Faith” by Philip Roth. This story is included in the book entitled “Goodbye Columbus”. Please purchase on line or Hamilton House will be glad to order the book at Books on the Square which offers a 20 % discount and tax exemption. (Support your local bookstore)