The Romantic Revolution: Music of the 19th Century

Mondays, July 9, 16, 23, 30 at 11 am

Sam Breene returns to Hamilton House for his engaging program of music. Sam is an Associate Professor at Rhode Island College in Music History, Early Music Ensemble and Violin. He is also one of the musicians in Proteus Quartet.

Here's the program:

I. Inner Storms and Obsessions: The Symphonic Repertoire of Beethoven and Berlioz

II. The Art of Melody: Schubert's Songs and Bellini's Operas

III. Miniatures and More: Piano Music of the Schumanns and Chopin

IV. Sweet Melancholy: Chamber Music of Brahms and Elgar

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​This is a meeting of Longevity Explorers, a collaborative program between Providence Village and Hamilton House, that will be held at Hamilton House. We will be examining the intersection of technology and aging by discussing unmet needs in products, services and information. Please bring a gadget to our next meeting for discussion. Feel free to bring a friend


Our group--our circle-- will connect with an online community and other circles of Longevity Explores TM, an initiative of Tech-enhanced Life. As described on the website, Longevity Explores are "older adults, and their friends of all ages, who want to make a difference. We meet in face-to-face groups to explore new products and services at the intersection of aging and technology, and to explore unmet needs and challenges of growing older. We share what we learn online with the larger Tech-enhanced Life community." The five active groups, which have been meeting monthly for two or more years, are in California. According to the founder of the Longevity Explores and the website, Richard Caro, adding our circle--and perspectives-- to their work would be welcomed. Interested? Learn more about the work of the Longevity Explores now on the website, and look for more information about this challenging and exciting partnership in your          Hamilton House emails.

Diane Strommer will present this discussion group.

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​​​​Hamilton House​   

Conversation With The Artist - Lorraine Bromley

Wednesday, July 25 at 2 pm

​"Being an artist means that everything I look at is analyzed by form, color and pattern. I love the randomness and spontaneity of nature; I appreciate the structure of architecture and the beauty of good design." Lorraine Bromley, watercolor artist, will be exhibiting her work at Hamilton House in July and August. 

Great Courses (DVD Lecture Series)

Understanding Nonverbal Communication

Tuesdays, August 7, 21, 28

How good are you at reading people? A renowned communications expert, Dr. Mark G. Frank is professor and Department Chair as well as the Director of the Communication Science Center at the University of Buffalo. He will reveal the messages we're all constantly sending, whether we realize it or not. 

​Some of the topics are: The Science of Nonverbal Communication, The Meaning of Personal Space, What Body Type Doesn't Tell You Cues from Gestures and Gait, Interpreting Nonverbal Communication.

​Please register: 831-1800