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 Lecture on Acupuncture

 Cancelled - New Date and Time to be Announced

​Dr. Jennifer Balfour offers the traditional Chinese Acupuncture that offers pain management and restores both wellness in body and spirit. Here is a brief introduction that will describe the excellent presentation that Dr. Balfour will give Hamilton House members. "All Acupuncturists have a solid grasp of Western medicine, but I think Jen's Ph.d in Epidemiology brings something extra to the table. Jen is a firm and grounded individual who's beloved by her patients. Some of them even track me down in public places to sing her praises." 

Please register: 831-1800

Health and Wellness

​  Introduction to Yang Snake Style Tai Chi
  Tuesdays at 10:00 am   

The Yang Snake Style is a dynamic tai chi method that mobilizes the spine while stretching and strengthening the core body muscles. Practicing this ancient martial art increases strength, balance, flexibility, vitality, peace of mind, and martial skill.

Snake style tai chi uses core body strength to initiate movement. Through discussion and practice, students will learn the principles of snake style movement, learning stretching exercises to help create the strength and flexibility needed to create this movement, and be introduced to the tai chi form. For in depth instruction, beginners arrive at 9:30. At 10:30 all levels practice stretching exercises and the tai chi form together. Please wear loose clothing and flat shoes.

If you are interested in joining TaiChi as a beginner, Ida will meet with you one half hour before the regular scheduled class. Please notify us one week before the class.

Ida Schmulowitz has been practicing Yang Style Tai Chi since 1984. She has been studying Yang Snake Style since 2005 with Bao Tak Fai (Master Robert Boyd of Burlington,Vt. ) and is a certified Snake Style instructor. Please register: 831-1800             

Class fee: $5.00 per class - $10 non-members

  Exercise Class for Seniors


  Members taking class remarked "Great workout and fun!"

  Body Soul Brings Free Exercise Class to Hamilton House

​  Sponsored by a Grant from the City of Providence 

​Senior exercises focus on increasing cardiovascular endurance, strength, balance and flexibility which can assist in reducing arthritic symptoms. Body Soul certified instructor Jodie leads the class at a pace that works the best for each participant. In addition to the multiple benefits of the exercises, the one benefit that matters most to participants is laughter. Exercise is not the only thing that makes a person feel better: social interaction with pers is a vital part of health and well-being. Jodie brings expertise and enthusiasm. This exercise class will be held next door at Chapel Hall.....


  Chair Yoga
  Wednesdays and Fridays at 10 a.m.

​Hamilton House offers two classes in Yoga. The Wednesday class is Chair Yoga, and on Friday you can choose either the chair or floor. Yoga has many benefits and certified teacher, Pam MacFarlane, has dedicated her beliefs and passion to the practice of Yoga for both physical and mental well being. Pam is certified to guide you through yoga stretches and movement for back, osteoporosis, and other physical challenges.  Breathing techniques are encouraged and are included in both classes. 
Class Fee: $10 per week            

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