​​​Hamilton House​   

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Discussion Groups

​​​​​Readings & Discussion Group

Wednesdays at 11:00 a.m. 

Discussions focus on a variety of non-fiction readings, which are distributed at least a week in advance.  Discussions are led by the group member who selects the reading and is responsible for having copies made. 
Leadership of the discussion rotates weekly and, while encouraged, leading a session is not essential for participating in the group.  Selected readings of a piece of non-fiction prose should be 1) interesting to discuss, 2) thought-provoking, and 3) not too long  (typically under 15 pages).  Anyone is welcome to join this group on an occasional or regular basis.
The titles of the readings are listed in the weekly E-bulletin, and copies are available to members online (whenever possible) and in a folder by the front desk a week prior to their being discussed.
Readings recently discussed covered a wide range of topics--cabbage strudel, American exceptionalism, burkinis, healthcare, the history of prohibition, coffee, and much more--humorous, serious, and informative.

​​​​​The Great Courses: Understanding Japan, a Cultural History

Mondays at 10 a.m.

This Great DVD Course Series will present the Japanese culture with a paradox. Many aspects of Japan's culture seem insular and exclusive, and the Japanese people often pride themselves on their distinctiveness. Yet the Japanese are also voracious consumers of foreign culture, and parts of Japanese culture have gone global. This series will begin in prehistoric Japan and move through 2011 as the discussion leads us to see what the future holds for Japan.