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You can build a legacy of giving by remembering the Hamilton House. Simply by including Hamilton House in your long term estate and financial planning you can ensure Hamilton House's future. Whether you make a tax free gift with an IRA, or remember Hamilton House in your will or living trust  all it takes is one sentence of bequest language to remember and help Hamilton House. 

Life Insurance Policy 

"Hamilton House has been an important part of my life and I recently made them the beneficiary of a life insurance policy that I had almost forgotten about. I had purchased this policy many years ago and it was costing me nothing as the dividends the policy generated were paying for the premiums as well as purchasing additional insurance. In fact, due to the dividends, the policy had more than doubled in value. 

My family has been taken care of, so I realized I had an asset I did not need. I decided to change the beneficiary of this policy from my daughters to Hamilton House. I know how much HH needs to build up their endowment so that they can have a steady stream of income. Hamilton House has done so much for me, so I was delighted to be able to do my part to make sure Hamilton House continues for many generations to come.

 Although I am not in a position to write a five figure check from my current income, by using my insurance policy as a strategy, I was able to make a significant planned gift to an organization that means a lot to me. All I had to do was call my insurance company, complete a change of beneficiary form, and presto, I was done.

You might want consider doing something similar by making Hamilton House the beneficiary of an insurance policy or donating to them appreciated stock. In the latter case, you get a tax donation and are not subject to capital gains.

Hope you will be inspired to find a way to give back to Hamilton House. Such a worthy cause that does so much for all of us deserves your support and consideration. You can speak with Jessica for further details and other ideas of how you can help."


Planned giving is a wonderful way to ensure that Hamilton House will continue to offer educational programs and a warm, social environment to future generations.

When planning your estate, please consider Hamilton House in your will.

For more information, contact Jessica Haley or speak to your personal financial advisor.

~All gifts are tax deductible~

Donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.  You can give in honor of or in memory of a friend, family member or loved one.


​Annual Giving Appeal

All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.

You can give a gift in honor of or in memory of

a loved one, family member or friend.

Donate by clicking below!


Endowment Fund

Lets help to keep Hamilton House a thriving community center for people 55+ by contributing to the Endowment Fund.

All donations are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated.


Eastside Marketplace
"The Friendship Fund"

Thank you to everyone who brought in Eastside Marketplace tapes in March.  Eastside Marketplace doubled our total reciepts.  Because of you, we recieved over $1800!

If you shop at Eastside Market,

you could be helping to support Hamilton House.

Simply save your cash register receipts and bring them to

Hamilton House.  Eastside Marketplace will donate 1% of the total in register receipts to Hamilton House.  Whether its a receipt for 2 weeks of groceries or simply a muffin for .99 cents - Every $counts!


Distributing the Courier Newsletter in the community

You can help spread the word about Hamilton House by leaving our bi-monthly newsletter at doctors offices, coffee shops, libraries, etc.


Shopping online for the holidays?  

Use AmazonSmiles.com  and raise funds for Hamilton House. Click here to begin shopping!

When you shop at Amazon, simply go to the AmazonSMILES.com website and designate Hamilton House, Providence, Rhode Island as your charity of choice.  Your items will show in your shopping cart.

The price will be the same as on the main Amazon site, but Amazon SMILES will donate a percentage of your sales to Hamilton House – at no cost to you.

Can you imagine how quickly donations can add up if everyone we knew shopped at Amazon Smile?

Thank you for your support!