Hamilton House​   

President's Letter

Hello Everyone,

     Spring has Sprung - or for New Englanders -what seems to be a confusing intermission between winter and summer!

     Hamilton House continues to offer outstanding and innovative programs.  We are an amazing Community and we must continue to strive to get the word out about who we are and bring in new members.

    At our last
Community Meeting we shared the exciting news that we will be featured in a segment of the Rhodes Show! As of this writing I don't have many details but we are planning to have them come to our House while programs are in session...what better way to capture our spirit?

     Our finances were also discussed.  As President of the Board my focus must be on keeping the doors open at Hamilton House.  We have a membership that is gifted and imaginative so I ask you to help in our quest to create an endowment that will insure the continuation of Hamilton House. We have had a good year financially with gifts and bequests.  However this is by no means a reliable source of income.  Hamilton house does not generate the monies necessary to operate on its own.  While we continue to search for grants, the competition grows greater for shrinking dollars. Our fund raisers are important-vital...but they do not bring in the type of operating revenues we need.  So...the Development Committee continues to look for other avenues to support our Home.  Planned Giving, Corporate Sponsorships, etc., are all part of the discussion.

    What we offer to the retirement population of RI is extraordinary.  It does not exist in the majority of Senior Centers.  We create an atmosphere we're people can continue to grow and stretch and be useful, productive, members of society.  This is what we must present as we ask for support...there is a compelling need as the retirement community grows to find ways to stay whole and healthy...it benefits all.

     On June 2nd we will use part of our Community Meeting time to meet the Board.  We will ask members to talk about the various Committees with which they are involved.  Please come at 11:30 and have lunch (our own form of "Lunch and Learn") and we'll formally begin the meeting at noon...of course, dessert will be free!

     There is so much more we can discuss, ideas we want to share, and hear.   We are looking to start a program of entertainment utilizing the Church auditorium - Special Events is working on this.  We are looking for help with ideas for Travel, which is not only great fun, but a source of revenue for the Community.  You are welcome to come and speak, or sit back and listen, and maybe meet some new members!

Looking Forward to Seeing You,
Joan Mekrut

President, Board of Directors

The Staff

Hamilton House has a small, friendly staff that work to provide the members with a comfortable and enriching atmosphere.

Jessica Haley, Executive Director

Stephanie Lee - House Coordinator

Pamela Provan - Office Assistant

​Lisa Sampson- House Assistant

Board of Directors

President: Joan Mekrut

Vice President: Cathy Lawson

Treasurer: Catherine DeMeo

Secretary: Katherine Sheridan

Tom Bain

Margo Chiappinelli

Marilyn Edwards

Brenda Mallicoat

Kathy Mechnig
Jeanne Waters​

Director's Column

“summer solstice recalls
the white light

to reflect
on ocean waves”

Dear Members,

     First and foremost ,please join me in welcoming Pam Provan to the staff. Pam’s role will be as office assistant. She comes with many skills and talent. I am also grateful for the dependable and excellent work that the staff, Stephanie Lee and Lisa Sampson give on a daily basis.
     For the coming months of May and June we continue the summer celebration with an International Tastings held on May xx Come enjoy 5 different international small plates. We are also having a 5 piece Jazz band on June xx at 5pm in honor of Dianne Isenberg’s 70th birthday which is supported by her family.

     I am always so struck by the knowledge and discussion that is exchanged between our members and our teachers. Recently, we had a Power of Poetry class led by Lee Clasper – Torch. The class wrote a group poem that reflected the spring. I have included this poem in the newsletter.

I hope you enjoy the classes and programs in the coming months.

Warmest regards,
Jessica Haley, Executive Director

“Swinging of the hanger
Her white summer dress;
Wind chimes”

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