Hamilton House​   

Adult Learning Exchange


The Hamiltones Singing Group!
Meets on the 1st Friday of every month at 1:00pm

Come harmonize (in or out of tune) with the Hamiltones –Singing is a great way to share fun and laughter. You are never too young or old to sing! Come exercise your lungs with the Hamiltones …. they will help you, along with John Lord, music maestro and pianist bringing “Songs of the South” for January and in February bringing songs from the elementary school days. Remember when ?
The Hamiltones go on the road! 
Wednesday, February 22nd at 3pm, we will be visiting the Scandinavian Assisted Living in Cranston. If you have some free time, we hope you will join us to bring music and cheer to the residents.

Thursdays at 10:45am:

Opera Sampler with Carl  

Intergenerational Collaboration
Hamilton House members have been attending a book club and storytelling/writing class with School One high school students located on the East Side area of Providence. Members also visit the students at the Wolf School in Rumford to play board games, share stories and are hoping to share music with each other.

This coming March the second session of the School One’s storytelling will start. Members who attended the last session have loved the experience. If you would like to join the School One intergenerational collaboration, please bring it to the attention of Jessica. For the Wolf School visits, please see Stephanie.

Please remember to register for classes.
We need this number so that we can best accommodate seating arrangements and some classes fill quickly.
Some classes are limited, and it is first come, first served for registration. Call 401-831-1800

Participants MUST pre-register and pay in full to guarantee a place in these classes.


Do you have an idea for a class, lecture or presentation?  Programs at Hamilton House are inspired by our members ideas.
Do you have a skill that you could share or would like to teach a class at Hamilton House?  
Many of our classes are taught by retired teachers, professors or artist.