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History Book Club

Five Sessions on Wednesdays at 1pm, starting May 31 
This second round of the History Book Club introduces “Strangers in Their Own Land” by Arlene Russell Hochschild.  She's a Berkeley sociologist of some note who spent considerable time over five years (2011-16) in Louisiana in an effort to address the question of restiveness and anger among conservative voters in the US in recent decades.  As it was eventually written the book addresses two questions: why Trump? Why now? The book is short, topical and ready available to buy on line from Amazon.  If you wish the office staff to order you a copy from our local bookstore, Books on the Square please let us know by May 12.    (They give us a 20% discount and no tax)
Michael Whelan is a retired professor of history and sociology. Besides his years of teaching, he has also published articles in referred journals. He will be leading the 5 week session.

​Literature Class on Microfiction
Tuesdays at 1pm - Five Week session, starting June 6

This class will focus on “microfiction,” a term used to describe very short fiction, ranging from a few sentences to two pages. I think this would be a fun class in which to incorporate a creative writing component. In addition to reading a wide range of microfiction by different writers from across the world, we would also compose our own short fiction in response to the readings and to certain prompts.
Hasan Friggle is a Brown University graduate and returns to Hamilton House for his third literature class.        

 Xerox copy fee: $3.00  

 *Please register: 831-1800
Sponsored by the State Legislative Grant

Scene Reading Workshop 

Three Week session – Mondays at 1pm
In this three-week workshop, we'll continue exploring scenes from some of theater's classic plays. As we read through each scene, we'll discuss character, context and motivation in deciding how best to interpret – or not interpret – key dialog. Plays under consideration include Inherit the Wind, Othello and Pygmalion (My Fair Lady). Led by John Lord who has the experience of 35 years as an English teacher and of directing dozens of productions for both high school and community theater. Absolutely no dramatic experience is necessary, just a desire to explore and have some fun with some of theater's most popular plays.


Wednesdays at 11am:
Essay Class

Each week a different member chooses the essay to initiate a lively discussion the following week. If you are interested in joining this group, please ask at the front desk for the following weeks essay.

Tuesdays at 10:30am:

The ​​​Poetry Group 
The poetry group has just started a new book. "Poem-a-day 365 Poems for Every Occasion" selected by the Academy of American Poets
We have a limited number of poerty books available to purchase for $14 If you would like to join the class, please call to register: 401- 831-1800.  NEW MEMBERS WELCOME!​

Tuesdays from 9-11am from March 14-June 1

Are you interested in creative writing? Theatre? Storytelling? Are you interested in telling your own story as well as listening to others’? Are you interested in working with people of different ages to create something authentic and worthwhile?
Explore the writing and performing arts in Working Stories, an inter-generational creative workshop with professional writers and performers from RI. The stories we tell with have a theme of work. Students will learn, and practice, elements of storytelling, interviewing and performance techniques, as well as creative writing. Older adults will take a class with high school students. Not to teach students, but to work with students. This will be a two-way street – everyone shares and learns from everyone else.
After working together for ten weeks, we will all bring our stories out to the community with a group performance scheduled for May 2017.
Classes meet on Tuesdays from 9:00am-11:00am from March 14 – June 1 at School One at 220 University Avenue in Providence. There are workshops during school vacation in March and April.
For questions about this Literary Program, please contact Jessica Haley at 401-831-1800 or Hamiltonhouse276@gmail.com
To register, please contact: Diana Champa at 401-331-2496  or dianac@school-one.org
Additional information on our website: www.school-one.org