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Why Poetry ?   

Two sessions   

Wednesdays at 2pm - May  10 and May 24
Stuart Blazer will be offering a continuation of his popular talks on Poetry, Poems are the starting point for free and wide-ranging discussion dealing with both the Arts and issues of the day. Stuart will engage discussion of why poetry is important.  Participants are welcome to bring poems to share, their own or others.

Art Appreciation Series
Looking Anew: Women Artists
Wednesdays, 7, 21, 28 June 10 am.
Noelle King

Join us for a series of three illustrated discussions on Women Artists beginning with the Medieval era and continuing to the present day. We will look at their lives, their art, their audiences and the difficulties they faced pursuing a career as an artist. No prior knowledge necessary – come and be inspired!
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Berry, The Beatles and Beyond  

Monday, June 12 at 1pm – One time lecture
What can one man do with three chords and a half dozen catchy guitar riffs? If you're Chuck forever.
Join us as we explore the profound influence of Chuck Berry – and some of his contemporaries – on such performers as The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and a host of others. We'll also examine the traditional 12-bar blues format and how it was transformed by Berry and other early rock pioneers. Led by John Lord who has almost 60 years experience as a professional musician and will talk about music to anyone who will listen!


Lecture: Forensic 

Wednesday, May 24 at 1:00PM
As the Director of the Rhode Island State Crime Laboratory and an Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island, Mr. Hilliard’s current responsibilities center on the analytical and educational missions of the State Crime Laboratory, which is located in the College of Pharmacy at the University of Rhode Island. In addition to the administration of the State Crime Laboratory his work includes analysis of evidence and court testimony in the areas of fire debris analysis, hair & fiber analysis, DNA analysis and breath & blood alcohol analysis.
Since 1977, Mr. Hilliard has lectured in over 150 program and class forums for law enforcement, law schools, primary and secondary education schools, legal and scientific organizations and community groups on CSI@URI which includes various topics in forensic sciences including the collection & preservation of physical evidence, fire debris analysis, forensic DNA analysis, breath alcohol analysis, driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, standardized sobriety test procedures, the examination & use of scientific evidence in court and the role of the expert witness

Lecture: The Rise of the Religiously Unaffiliated in America
Wednesday, June 21st at 1:00 pm

The 2015 Pew Research Study, America’s Changing Religious Landscape, shows that the percentage of religiously unaffiliated Americans is rapidly growing and the number Christians are rapidly declining. In this lecture, I will discuss how these significant trends will impact our nation in the twenty-first century. How have traditional religious institutions failed this group, referred to as "the nones'? Moreover, what does current research tell us about “nones” and their search for alternative communities of meaning?
Lisa Garcia-Sampson is currently pursuing her Master of Divinity degree at Boston University with the hope of becoming an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister. Prior to seminary, she worked for six years in urban education with City Year Providence and the Providence After School Alliance. To help pay for seminary, Lisa works part-time at Hamilton House. 
Supported by the State Legislative Grant

Savory Fare

Monday, June 14 at 11am

Personal Chef, Mary Hughes, will tell us about her service of preparing delicious, nutritious home-cooked meals.If you can't be bothered to cook or are having guests. Savory Fare can offer you healthy food with great taste. Mary has been a personal chef for years and believes that her food service will help assist seniors still living in their homes. Mary is very personable and dedicated in helping people have an excellent quality of life.

A tasting of Savory Fare will be given following the presentation.

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Acquisitions of Antquities in Museums – A Lecture Presentation
Monday May 15 at 11am
Whose Past?

This lecture presents the complex role of museums in preserving and displaying physical remains of ancient societies, focusing on Greece and Rome. Several case histories demonstrate conflicts and cooperation among local populations, field archaeologists, and museum curators as we consider where ownership lies in the modern era.
Mary Hollinshead is a Classical archaeologist who recently retired from the U. Of Rhode Island, where she taught ancient and medieval art and archaeology, as well as issues of cultural heritage. Greek architecture is her main field, and she has also written about Roman sculpture and Aegean wall painting. She has excavated in Italy, Cyprus, and Greece.      

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Music Appreciation Lecture –

Tuesday, May 23 at 1pm
“The Influence of the Black on the America’s Music”

The influence of African Americans has been enormous, as it has affected not only ragtime, blues and jazz, but it has also affected country music, Broadway, and classical music. This talk will be punctuated with musical examples on CD ( yes Lloyd still uses CDs)
Lloyd Kaplan, Prof Emeritus of Music, CCRI currently teaches courses at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute  at URI. He is also active as leader and performer of the “Aristocats”.
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Movie Spectacular with Hal Hamilton- URI Adjunct Professor of Film Media will grace us with another
Friday, June


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